link Multimedia Classrooms
  • Multimedia Classrooms (9) equipped with identical consoles for faculty to instruct using multimedia tools.
  • 6 laptop computers and 6 LCD projectors on carts are available for faculty use in any classroom.
  • Staff Development lab with multimedia capture and development tools available to faculty.
  • Staff assistancefor faculty to:
    • capture and modify images
    • create Powerpoint presentations
    • create Web pages
  • Other multimedia equipped facilities:
    • ESL Lab
    • Language Lab
    • New Media Lab
    • Music Technology Lab
    • Speech Lab
    • AutoCad/Drafting Lab
    • Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Lab
    • Network Telecommunications Lab
    • Unix System Administration Lab
  • Digital Music Studio
Multimedia Classrooms

Each classroom is equipped with a high luminosity projection monitor linked to the instructional console with integrated:

  • 50 watt stereo sound system
  • VCR
  • DVD playback capability
  • Both G-3 Macintosh and Windows Pentium III and IV Systems
  • 1.5 mbps Internet access
  • Auxilliary video/audio input
  • laptop connection port
  • Complete environmental controls for lighting, sound, and video.