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Spring 2021: Details and Resources

Virtual Open House

Virtual Open House Events

Find out about our programs! See the links below for information.

Facebook Live Presentations from December 2020

Replays of each presentation are linked further down the page.

Previous Facebook Live Presentations From August 2020

Winter Virtual Open Houses

Department Date Time Link to Zoom
Dual / High School Enrollment Wednesday, December 2 5 p.m.  Replay of HS Enrollment Webinar
Pharmacy Technician Wednesday, December 2 6 p.m. Replay of Facebook Pharm Tech Live Presentation

PDF of Presentation
STEM Programs Thursday, December 3 11 a.m. Replay of Facebook STEM Live Presentation
Library Thursday, December 3 1 p.m.  Replay of Library Webinar
Child Development Thursday, December 3 1 p.m.

Replay of Facebook Live CDC Presentation

Child Development Thursday, December 3 12:43 p.m. 12:43 p.m.

Replay of Child Development Webinar

Student Health Services Thursday, December 3 2 p.m. Replay of Student Health Services Webinar
International Programs Thursday, December 3 3 p.m. Replay of Facebook Live International Presentation
Academic Support Center Thursday, December 3 4 p.m. Replay of Academic Support Center Webinar
Hospitality Management  Thursday, December 3 5 p.m.

Replay of Facebook Live HM Presentation

PDF of Presentation

Replay of Hospitality Management Webinar

Application Workshop Thursday, December 3 6 p.m. Replay of Application Workshop Webinar
Graphic Design & Multimedia Friday, December 4 11 a.m.

Replay of Facebook Live GFX Design Presentation

Computer Applications Friday, December 4 12 p.m. Replay of Computer Applications Webinar
Communication Studies Friday, December 4 1 p.m.  Replay of Communication Studies
Business  Friday, December 4 2 p.m. Replay of Business Webinar
Career Services Center Friday, December 4 3 p.m. Replay of Career Services Center Webinar
Kinesiology Friday, December 4 4 p.m.  Replay of Kinesiology Webinar
Next Steps Workshop Friday, December 4 5 p.m. Replay of Next Steps Webinar
How to register for classes Saturday, December 5 10 a.m. Replay of How to Register for Classes Webinar
English Saturday, December 5 11 a.m. Replay of Facebook Live English Presentation
Engineering Saturday, December 5 12 p.m.

Replay of Facebook Live Engineering Presentation

Replay of Engineering Webinar

Computer Science & Info Tech Saturday, December 5 1 p.m.  Replay of CSIT Webinar
Biology  Saturday, December 5 7 p.m. Replay of Biology Webinar
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