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External Education Data Resources

  • California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office DataMart – Official website for the Chancellor’s Office, the DataMart includes essential tables utilizing data from MIS reporting.

  • CalPASS Plus – Official website for the state partnership between K-12 and the community colleges.  You will need to request a login for this.
    • LaunchBoard: statewide data system that provides data on progress, success, employment, and earnings outcomes for CA community college students, including:
      • Student Success metrics
      • Guided Pathways
      • Community College Pipeline
      • Adult Education Pipeline
      • Strong Workforce Programs
      • K-14 CTE Transitions
  • CTE Outcomes Survey - Information collected by Sana Rosa Junior College to assess employment outcomes for students participating in career technical education coursework at the California Community Colleges
  • UC Transfer Statistics
    • Community College Transfers - Number of CA Community College students transferring to UC Campuses disaggregated by Community College
    • Transfers by Major - Number of transfers from CA Community Colleges disaggregated by campus, major, and year.
    • Transfer Admissions - Number of Applications/Admissions from CA Community Colleges disaggregated by ethnicity, gender, and GPA
  • CSU Transfer Statistics - Information on transfer students going to CSU campuses including:
    • Admissions
    • Enrollment
    • Success
  • DataQuest - California Department of Education-K-12 Demographic Data: The source of performance and demographic information about the K-12 system. Information is available at state, county, district, and school levels.
  • Research and Planning Group (The RP Group) - provides leadership in research, analysis, and planning issues for the California Community Colleges. The RP Group provides news, assistance, resources, and networking opportunities for researchers.

  • Silicon Valley Indicators: Comprehensive information and data about the economic and community health of Silicon Valley

  • U.S. Census Bureau - An encyclopedic source of economic, demographic, and geographic data at the local, county, state, and national levels