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Lina Kawas

Mission College '16
Business Administration
UC San Diego 
Economics, Minor: Accounting

High School: Lake Zurich (Illinois)
Hometown: Chicago, IL

My parents immigrated from Lebanon, I was born in Florida, I grew up in Chicago, spent some time in the Bay after high school. 

I graduated from Mission College in Spring 2016 and transferred to UCSD for the Fall 2016 term.   I found a community at Mission with other students who were just as motivated to transfer to a university as I was. I'm so grateful for the people I've met - including all the amazing faculty and staff at the school that helped me reach my journey.  I am currently starting my first quarter at UC San Diego studying economics and minoring in accounting. Here, I am getting involved in various business organizations to help me prepare for a career after I get my Bachelor's.

Not to be cheesy, but your time at Mission really is what you make of it. I definitely wanted to get the most out of my community college experience so I decided to get really involved, connect with my professors and peers, and find communities where I felt comfortable. In doing so, I felt like I was surrounded by people who helped me get where I am today. The Honors Transfer Project was probably the primary reason for how smooth my transition has been to university life. It's definitely a lot harder than a CC, but the honors courses and the skills I gained in HTP have prepared me well. 

If you're thinking about transferring to a university - join the Honors Transfer Project. I have met some of my best friends through that program as well as found myself in a community of faculty, staff, and students who all are there to help you get to wherever you want to be. If transferring is not for you - find what is. There are so many programs and people at Mission that want to help you. If I could go back and start over, I would get even more involved, meet more people, and explore more career options. I would have preferred to take my time in community college; once you're gone - school becomes very serious and you are forced to grow up really fast! 

I'm forever grateful for how Mission shaped my college experience! I will never forget my time there.