link What Can Staff & Faculty Do To Stop Sexual Violence?
Report A Complaint

The only way we can stop sexual violence is to identify when it happens and take steps to stop it from happening again. When any faculty, staff, or employees (except for those required to be confidential) hear of an incident of sexual harassment or sexual assault, he or she should contact a member of the Title IX team right away. The Title IX Coordinator reviews all complaints and determines whether an investigation is needed and what remedies can be implemented for potential victims. Where appropriate, the Title IX team will work with faculty and staff to implement remedies in order to eliminate a hostile environment that might exist for a victim.

Be Open and Supportive

When faculty or staff learn about a sexual harassment or sexual violence complaint, the best thing to do is to listen and then report the complaint to the Title IX team for follow-up. Faculty and staff don’t have to decide who is right or wrong or try to fix the issue—the Title IX team has been trained to take care of these issues. Instead, faculty and staff are critical in maintaining an environment in which students feel safe to share complaints and in which potential hostile environments are eliminated.

Protection From Retaliation

All employees who participate as witnesses or advocates in a sexual harassment or sexual violence investigation are protected from retaliation. The College is committed to stopping sexual harassment and sexual assault, and any acts taken against those who take a stand these violations will not be tolerated. If you become aware of an act of retaliation in any form, please contact the Title IX Coordinator immediately at (408) 855-5195 or