Four students with their arms around each other in front of a building on Mission campus.

Why You Give

Everytime someone gives, a student is impacted. 100% of donations to the foundation go directly to fund the needs of our students and the College.

Our primary focus is to make college affordable for our students, but the Foundation also helps to ensure that technology and faculty/staff training needs are met. State allocations do not cover all the needs of the college's programs and services. Your donation helps to fill the financial gap when state dollars are not enough.

Give the Gift of Education

Scholarships support student success and attainment of their academic goals. Your scholarship donation can change a life when it helps with expenses that make or break a student's educational journey, such as tuition, textbooks, lab supplies, or other expenses.

Endowed Scholarships


Fund a permanent scholarship endowment fund. Leave a legacy by creating an endowment, which supports a named scholarship, faculty position, or campus program. Your gift keeps giving by providing annual support to students for years to come.

Endowed Scholarships

One Full Year of Tuition Scholarship


Provide a scholarship of one full year of tuition.

One Semester of Tuition Scholarship


Provide a scholarship of one tuition for one semester.