Joining EOPS

Applications are rolling. Submit yours today using the form linked above.

Apply to EOPS/CARE

Application Timeframes

Applications are rolling. We review applications four weeks into the semester. For example, if we are currently in the Fall semester, we will consider your application up to four weeks into the term. If you miss that timeframe, we will hold on to your application for the following semester.

EOPS Application

Remember that you need to apply for Financial Aid and submit any transcripts from previous colleges to our office before we can begin evaluating your application.

You also need to be registered as a full-time student, so make sure to enroll in classes as soon as you are able!

Next Steps
  1. Completion: Your application is not considered complete simply by hitting “submit”. You must also make sure that you:
    1. For ESL students: at least (1) 5 unit or (2) 3 unit ESL courses.
    1. Complete your Financial Aid and/or Dream Act application.
    2. Submit transcripts from all previous colleges you have attended.
    3. Enroll in at least the minimum amount of units required by EOPS.
  2. Communication: Make sure to check your email regularly for messages informing you about the status of your application. If you are missing something, we will contact you.
  3. Timeline: Once your application is complete, our staff will begin the evaluation process. Excluding special circumstances, you should receive an email notification of your eligibility at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester.
  4. Orientation: If you are accepted, please note that the mandatory EOPS orientation will be held the Wednesday before the first week of the semester.
Evaluation Process

After EOPS receives an application we evaluate that each student:

  • Qualifies for the California Promise Grant with the Financial Aid Office.
  • Is enrolled in the minimum amount of units for the upcoming semester.
  • Has submitted transcripts from all other colleges they have attended.
  • Has not earned more than 70 degree applicable units.
  • Has at least one educational disadvantage. Here are some examples:
    • Is qualified to enroll in developmental or basic skills courses.
    • Did not graduate from high school nor obtain GED or Proficiency Certificate.
    • Had a high school GPA of 2.49 or below (will request high school transcript.)
    • Was previously enrolled in high school or college developmental or basic skills courses.
    • Speaks English as a second language.
    • Is part of the first generation in their family to attend college.
    • Is a current or former Foster Youth.
    • Identifies as part of an underrepresented ethnic group, as determined by the equity goals of Mission College
  • If enrolled in ESL, that they are in at least (1) 5 unit or (2) 3 unit courses.
Acceptance Priorities

EOPS is an impacted program. We have more qualifying students than our department can admit to our program. In determining which eligible students to accept into the program, we prioritize the following: 

  1. Transfers from EOPS programs at other community colleges.
  2. Students that qualify for CARE (single parent receiving Cash Aid.)
  3. Students who are part of the DSPS, Veterans, Foster Youth, and/or unhoused populations.
  4. Disproportionately impacted students on campus (based on Mission College student equity goals.)
  5. Students new to EOPS who applied earliest (based on application date and time stamp.)
  6. Students who were previously part of EOPS and withdrew voluntarily.
  7. Students who were previously part of EOPS and were dismissed from the program.

** Exceptions may also be made by the EOPS Director, based on their discretion.