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Adult Education

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The gentleman above immigrated from Vietnam, worked in the business world in the U.S. and then at the age of 72 began college for the first time. He even received a scholarship from AANAPISi

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Adult Education

Mission College is a member of the South Bay Consortium for Adult Education. We work with other members in the region to provide a seamless transition between adult school and entry into community college.  We also support adults who are reentering education after a period of time.  

Adult Education at Mission College is focused on helping students, of any age, transition into college. We help "non-traditional" students (students who are starting over; students looking to change careers; students who have been in the job field and are returning or just starting college). In particular we support enrollment into noncredit programs and transition from adult school or noncredit community college courses into credit-bearing courses and programs.

Our adult education transition specialist, Monica Sain, can help students navigate all areas of the college, however we specialize in noncredit programs including  ESL, Computer Applications, and Community Health Worker.  For credit career education programs are also our specialty.

Early Childhood Education Transition Pathway for Adult School Students 

As part of our partnership with the South Bay Consortium for Adult Education, we offer specialized ESL courses for adult school students who wish to study Early Childhood Education as well as an opportunity to earn up to 6 units of CHD courses tuition-free.  Courses are held online or at the Santa Clara Adult School location on Benton Street, in Santa Clara. Please contact Monica Sain, for more information.