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Adult Education

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The gentleman above immigrated from Vietnam, worked in the business world in the U.S. and then at the age of 72 began college for the first time. He even received a scholarship from AANAPISi

Adult Education

Adult Education at Mission College is focused on helping students, of any age, transitition into college. We help "non-traditional" students (students who are starting over; students looking to change careers; students who have been in the job field and are returning or just starting college).

We coordinate a warm hand-off to programs in our Career Education programs, ESL programs or other academic endevours. We connect students to a variety of departments quickly and efficiently. We also help in the hand-off of DACA/Dreamers, mental health and legal aid.

We also coordinate AEBG tuition-assisted ESL for Child Care and Child Development classes, which includes orientations, and application workshops for those courses.

Hands-On Training and Career Education
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