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Noncredit ESL Program

Please note:  In Spring 2021, all noncredit courses will be offered online due to Covid-19.

Noncredit ESL is for beginning level learners of English. Our classes are offered in the day and evening. 

Students who are at the intermediate or above levels of English should enroll in the ESL credit program.

How to Enroll

  1. Complete an application to Mission College. You can do it online, or get help in person or on the phone at the Welcome Center in SEC 105.

  2. Look for your Student ID Number in your email a few days after submitting your application

  3. Select the class(es) you would like to attend

  4. If the semester has not started, you may register online immediately using on the My Mission Portal. 

  5. If the semester has already started, please wait until the first week of the next month. Then you may email the class instructor to request an add code. If there is space for more students in the class, the instructor will give you an add code (4-digit number) to use in the Portal. We don’t recommend that students try to add after week seven of the semester.

Type of ESL Programs

  • Improve your English skills to earn a certificate, degree, or transfer to a four-year college.
  • For low-intermediate to advanced students in an academic setting.
  • Improve your English skills to get a better job.
  • Communicate more successfully in English in your everyday life.
  • Find out more about our Credit ESL program
  • For beginning level students.
  • Improve your English and later enroll in Credit ESL.
  • Improve your English to get a job or a better job.
  • Communicate better in English in everyday life.
  • Find out more about our Noncredit ESL program

Class Schedule

The noncredit ESL class schedule for the current semester is located at ESL Noncredit Courses.

Course Placement

Noncredit ESL students are not required to place themselves using the ESL online placement tool. However, we recommend that students who feel they have intermediate-advanced skills complete the online placement.

We have three noncredit levels for beginners: 910 (low-beginning), 920 (beginning), and 930 (high-beginning). The 910 and 920 courses provide instruction in all skill areas during the class time (listening, speaking, reading, grammar, and writing.)

The 930 courses are more academic in nature, and each course provides instruction in a specific skill area.

Students may select the class they think will best fit their needs. The course teacher can also recommend that a student move to a higher or lower level class if needed.

Fees and Financial Aid

Noncredit courses are free. There is no tuition cost. Students may need to purchase class textbooks, supplies, and any other materials they will need to succeed in class.

There is no financial aid available for noncredit textbooks or supplies.

Class Attendance

We take attendance in class every day. Students must plan to attend all of the class meetings for the semester. Coming to every class, participating in class activities, and practicing outside of class are all important for successful learning.

Grades and Transfer Credit

Grades in noncredit ESL courses are P (pass), SP (satisfactory progress), and NP (no pass).  No academic credit is awarded. However, we do offer noncredit certificate programs! Students who finish all the required courses in a program can apply for a noncredit ESL certificate from Mission College.


The College Bookstore is located on the first floor of the Campus Center building. You can purchase all the books and materials you need for class here, as well as snacks and drinks. Hours for the bookstore are located on their website.

Parking on Campus

Students need to purchase a parking permit in order to park in any campus parking lot. You can purchase a semester-long parking permit online. You can also get one in person at the Admissions & Records window in the Student Engagement Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do the classes start and end?

A:  We follow the regular Mission College calendar.

Q:  What documents are required? What if I have a visa?

A:  No documents are required other than information needed to complete the college application in CCC Apply.

Q:  Do I need to attend the college orientation?

A:  No. It is not required for noncredit ESL students. 

Q:  I can't attend every class because of my job. Is that OK?

A:  Students need to plan to attend every class meeting. If you need to be absent on some days, please inform the teacher. However, if you need to be absent regularly, we suggest you find a different class time that will work better with your schedule.

Q:  I am not a beginning learner of English. I've taken a lot of English classes in the past.  Can I take the noncredit ESL classes?

A:  Students may enroll in any class they desire to take. However, the class textbook, homework, and topics will stay at the beginning level. Most students with higher skills usually decide to take credit ESL in order to reach their personal and/or academic goals faster.

Help with Homework

The Tutoring Center is located on the first floor of the Student Engagement Center, in room 154 and online in Canvas. Students may get help from trained peer tutors during day and evening hours. The tutoring center offers online tutoring.