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Free Legal Advice - Mr. Rossi, Attorney at Law, Campus Center, CC-225, Sept 27, 12:00p to 1:30p.

Club Days - Student Clubs, Sept 28-29, 10:00-2:00p, Campus Quad.

"Destination Paris" - flutist Robert Stallman with Dmitiriy Cogan on piano with Isabelle Cahpuis, Ai Goldsmith and Ray Furuta, GC-103, 8 p.m., General Admission ($35), Students ($25), Mission College students with ID (free)

Student Safety Seminar - presentation about general campus safety and emergency preparation for students. Open to staff & faculty Oct 26 & 27, 12:45p- 1:45p, TAV-130.

Student Health 101 - Your Wellness Connection, September Issue.

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