Campus Lecture Capture Tool and Video Content Management System

MC-Panopto is the Mission College supported and funded lecture capture solution. Panopto allows for easy recording and reviewing of videos from courses, lectures, and presentations. As a cloud-enabled service, Panopto is designed to simplify the lecture capture and video creation processes.

It also offers long-term cloud storage for your videos. Recordings in Panopto are viewable on most web browsers and mobile devices. All faculty and staff at Mission College can use MC-Panopto free-of-charge. The service is administered by the department of Educational Technology Services (ETS).

Panopto is meant to be used for educational purposes only. Current Mission College (MC) students, faculty, and staff may create recordings and share them with college audiences. Students can create recordings as part of class assignments; staff can create training videos for MC students and employees; and, of course, instructors can create recordings for students.

Use outside of these general guidelines, for example with non-matriculated students or public audiences, may need additional consideration.

Benefits of Using Panopto as A Teaching Tool

  • Students who have to miss class are able to learn the materials, saving re-teaching time during office hours.
  • If students do not understand something the first time around, they can listen to the lecture again at their own speed and pause the recording to take notes. This is especially helpful for ESL students and students with disabilities.
  • Students can review the lectures to help them study for class or exams.
  • Automatic closed-captioning for all video upload and auto-transferred Zoom cloud recording sessions.
  • Auto-indexing for all content: searchability, optical content recognition, long-term archiving.
  • Integrated video editing capabilities (non-destructive editing).
  • Lecture capture/live event content auto-sync.
  • Deep integration with Canvas and Zoom: As MC-Zoom users, all cloud recordings generated from meetings scheduled within your Canvas course shell will be automatically filed in the course folder at the end of each session. You can simply refer your students to navigate to MC-Panopto in the Canvas course shell to access all course lectures and videos.

FERPA Considerations When Using Panopto

Mission College provides access to Panopto to enable faculty and staff to capture lectures and presentations for later playback by students enrolled in a specific course. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) limits access to student educational records—including these recordings.

FERPA prohibits disclosure of personally identifiable student records without a student’s written consent. A student may be able to be identified through video, audio, or other means.

If your captured lectures are available to a broader audience than just the course section originally being recorded, and if students are personally identifiable in the recording, FERPA requires written student consent to that disclosure.

In any case, you should inform your students that the course is being recorded, and will be available for later playback to students taking the course.

Panopto Content Retention Policy

For instructional content such as course and lecture recordings: Videos that have not been viewed in the previous 18 months will be archived for 3 months and then deleted. 

For non-instructional content such as meeting recordings: Videos that have not been viewed in the previous 12 months will be archived for 3 months and then deleted.

If you do not wish to have your videos turned into archived mode, simply view them before the 12 or 18 months interval to reset the viewership timer. 

If you wish to unarchived your archived videos, follow these instructions

If you wish to download your videos, follow these instructions.

Support and Resources

MC-Panopto Quick Guide (2021 version)

On-Campus Technical Inquiries and Support
Submit work tickets to ETS here.

Panopto’s Direct Support Line
Using your official campus email addresses ending with and, users can directly contact Panopto Support by email at [email protected].

Panopto’s Help Center

Main support site:

Video Tutorials Library:

Frequently Asked Questions