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Apply for TRIO!

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for participation in the TRIO program, applicants must first meet these minimum qualifications:

  • Be enrolled at Mission College
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
  • Meet at least one of the following requirements:
    • First-generation to college (neither parent nor legal guardian has earned a bachelor's degree)
    • Low-income
    • Learning or physical disability
AND have the following academic goals:
  • Graduating with a certificate or an A.A./A.S. degree at Mission College
  • Transferring to a 4-year university

How to Apply

PLEASE NOTE that once you begin the application form, any incomplete application cannot be saved before submission.  Because of this, we strongly suggest that you first take the time to secure electronic copies of the following:

  • Unofficial transcripts from any college or university you have attended.
  • A copy of your family‚Äôs 2019 income tax, on which you were claimed as a dependent or your own if independent.
  • A copy of your Green Card (both sides) if you are a permanent resident.

Once you have these documents in order, please fill out the TRIO application

Other Requirements

Once accepted into the TRIO program, students must meet the following requirements to stay in good standing:

  1. Be working towards maintaining at least a 2.75 GPA

  2. Meet with TRIO Counselor at least once per semester