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After Submitting the Application

You've submitted the application - congrats! After submitting your application, there's still more work to do to ensure you secure your spot at your university of choice.



Confirmation Emails

Once you apply, you will receive emails from the individual campuses to which you applied. They will provide you with a student ID# and ask you to set-up your student account.

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Set Up Your University Accounts

After you set up your university campus accounts, many campuses will have a student portal where you can check the status of your application. Additionally, most campus portals include an application to-do list.

If documents are needed, they'll be listed there along with the deadlines to submit. Typically, the university campuses will email you as well as post the information on your to-do list, so be sure to check email and log-in to university student accounts often.


UC campuses do not request copies of your community college transcripts during the application period. In some unique situations the UC will request students to submit official transcripts before an admissions decision will be made.

If you receive this request, be sure to submit the specified documents by the deadline provided by the UC. Official transcripts must be sent by Mission College to the university when the student submits a request. Some campuses ask for unofficial transcripts which students can access through the Mission Portal and can send directly to the university themselves.

Apply for Financial Aid

If you plan to apply for financial aid, be sure to submit your FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application early. Students can apply for financial aid starting October 1st of each year. Unlike community colleges, four-year universities have budgets on their financial aid and often award all the aid early. Applying by the March 2nd priority deadline is critical.

Submit the Transfer Academic Update (TAU)

After applying, transfer students are required to update their final grades from the previous term and list all courses in progress or planned for the term before you expect to enroll.

Even if you do not have any in-progress or planned courses and your record of course grades was complete in your original application, you must log in to your application and complete the Transfer Academic Update.

The deadline for the winter/spring admission cycle is September 30. The deadline for the fall admission cycle is January 31st.

How to complete the UC Transfer Academic Update

Supplemental Applications

Some UC campuses will have their own additional supplemental application. The forms, information requested, and deadlines vary by campus, so be sure to check your email and to-do list for guidance.

Apply to Graduate

If you plan to earn a degree or certificate from Mission while pursuing your transfer goals, be sure to apply to graduate. If you reported that you will earn an Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T) on your UC application, this is one component of the Comprehensive Review factors. Be sure you apply for your ADT by the deadline. You should apply to graduate while you are in your last semester of classes.

UC Transfer Application Checklist

  • Apply by the specified deadline
  • Check email for confirmations
  • Set-up your university accounts
  • Check your application to-do lists
  • Submit requested documents
  • Apply for financial aid
  • Complete the Transfer Academic Update (TAU)
  • Submit any supplemental applications
  • Apply to graduate from Mission

Once You're Admitted

CONGRATULATIONS! You've received your provisional acceptance. The next stage of your academic journey is about to start. These important tips will help ensure you maintain your eligibility for admission.

  1. Maintain a strong GPA and Complete Your Last Classes
    All offers of admission are provisional and the conditions of admission are specified in your acceptance letter. Be sure to read it carefully. Most campuses expect you to complete all in-progress or planned classes you reported. And most campuses require at least a 2.00 GPA in your final term, while some may set a higher GPA.

  2. Attend Admit Days
    If you received multiple offers of admission and you're not sure which campus is right for you, consider attending admit day events. Most UC campuses host a special open house event just for transfer students. It's a great opportunity to visit a campus and get a true sense it it's the right fit for you.

    Check the UC campus websites for dates, check your email for announcements from the UCs, or check the Transfer Center Event Calendar.

  3. Submit your Statement of Intent to Register
    Students are required to submit a Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) by June 1st for the fall admissions cycle. Some campuses may extend the deadline, so be sure to check the exact date in your acceptance packet.

    The SIR is your official acceptance of the offer of admission and lets the UC you submit to know that you plan to attend their campus. Students are required to pay a $250 deposit with the SIR to hold their spot. This deposit will be credited toward your tuition fees for the upcoming term.

  4. Attend Transfer Student Orientation
    Some UCs require students to attend orientation, and some make it optional. Although many of our students feel comfortable in the college environment and feel that orientation may not be helpful as a transfer student, lots of important information and activities will take place.

    By attending orientation students will learn their way around campus, become familiar with support services, get guidance from major advisors on what classes to take, and meet other incoming transfer students. We highly encourage all our students to attend so you can begin building your support system at your new campus and ensure a seamless transition.

  5. Submit Final Transcripts by the Deadline
    Campuses will require final official transcripts which would include all your grades and courses for your final term. Final official transcripts are due by July 1st for the fall admissions cycle. Be sure to submit your transcript request in time to meet the deadline for the campus you plan to attend.

  6. Request GE Certification
    GE certification is a process where Mission College can certify your general education (GE) to verify that you have completed part or all of IGETC. The GE Certification Report is sent to the one university you plan to attend. This would be the same university you submitted the SIR to.

GE certification must be requested with the Records Office prior to transfer. It is not an automatic process. GE Certification is due by July 15th for the fall admissions cycle. It's good practice to submit the GE certification request when you request final official transcripts.