Mission College Enrollment Surges for Spring 2024 Semester

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Mission College has experienced a substantial surge in enrollment for the upcoming Spring Semester of 2024.


SANTA CLARA, CA -- Mission College has reported another notable increase in enrollment for the 2024 Spring Semester. Building on the momentum of a resilient comeback from the challenges posed by the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mission has seen a 12.3 percent increase in headcount compared to the 2023 Spring Semester, with significant increases in the number of classes students are enrolled in.

"The remarkable enrollment recovery for the Spring Semester is a testament to the unwavering commitment and collaborative spirit of our faculty, classified professionals, and administrators,” President Dr. Seher Awan said. “Mission College remains steadfast in providing accessible, affordable, and equitable education to our vibrant community for all students."
The Spring Semester, which kicked off on January 27, surpassed all expectations as Mission not only met but exceeded its enrollment target by 17 percent.
The increase was supported by Mission's monumental shift this Spring Semester to eliminate tuition costs for individuals residing in the West Valley-Mission Community College District service area. Residents within the district's service area, including Alviso, Campbell, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, Saratoga, parts of San Jose, and Sunnyvale, can now pursue a college education without the burden of tuition fees.
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Mission College's enrollment growth builds on the resilience displayed in overcoming the challenges stemming from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.
"This groundbreaking initiative ensures that education is not just accessible, but truly affordable for our local community,” Awan said. “We believe in eliminating barriers to education, and this bold step will undoubtedly open doors for many aspiring students within our service area."

Mission College also remains committed to assisting individuals outside the district service area through various other ways to cover tuition costs, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder anyone from accessing quality education.

The semester’s increases also can be attributable to an array of strategic initiatives focused on student success, including offering free childcare, complimentary parking, and the removal of health fees. Mission College takes pride in its commitment to holistic student support, offering an array of services such as weekly food distribution in partnership with Second Harvest Food bank, cafeteria vouchers, E-gift cards for eligible students, access to showers for students facing housing instability, and a laptop loan and WiFi hotspot program.

In late 2023, the college opened up an on-campus food pantry, Mission Market, where students can receive food throughout the week. With a large percentage of courses having zero or low-cost textbooks, Mission College continues to remove barriers, ensuring equitable educational opportunities for all.

In addition to careful scheduling practices, the college has also expanded its course offerings for justice-involved students at Santa Clara correctional sites and increased classes for English as a Second Language students, in addition to other strategic opportunities.

"Mission College is committed to the continuous enhancement of our academic offerings, fostering inclusivity and addressing diverse educational needs. This commitment aligns with the college’s mission to provide accessible education and support to a broad spectrum of learners, promoting empowerment through strong academics, knowledge, and skills," said Lorrie Ranck, Vice President of Instruction.

Mission also enjoyed a substantial surge in enrollment for the 2023 Fall Semester as it reported an impressive 14.0% increase in headcount in comparison to the 2022 Fall Semester. The college is continuing its uphill trajectory in enrollment recovery, while being a responsive community partner within the Silicon Valley.

"Mission College remains dedicated to its mission, providing a sense of community and belonging for our diverse community,” Awan said. “As we continue to thrive amidst challenges, the college looks forward to a bright future of growth and success."
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