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Type of Committee: Constituent Group
Sub-Committee Reports to: Academic Senate

Meeting Schedule

The Program Review Committee meets Fridays 9 a.m.- 10 a.m. on Zoom.


As a designee of the Academic Senate, the Program Review Committee will:

  • Make recommendations to the Mission College Academic Senate on the process and procedures for Program Review;
  • Facilitate the process of Program Review for the college.

Note: The most current document relevant to the committee and the Program Review Process can be found on our SharePoint Site

The Fall 2021 PR Timeline fo Academic and Student Services is as follows:

Date Task


Friday,  Sept. 17 Kickoff

Templates available in elumen.
Friday, Nov. 19


Department Chairs/Program Directors will complete PR and have ready for 1st review by Deans/Managers

Nov. 22-Dec. 3


*Deans/Managers will schedule a meeting with Dept. Chairs/Prog. Directors to discuss PR reports and suggest changes

Friday, Dec. 3


Deadline for Deans/Managers to notify Dept. Chairs/ Prog. Directors of needed changes which must be made by Friday, Dec. 10


Friday, Dec. 10


VPI/VPSS will begin reviewing PRs