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Mental Health & Wellness Committee

Type of Committee: Participatory Group
Sub-Committee Reports to: SSC

Charge: The Mental Health and Wellness Committee (MHW) is a subcommittee of the Student Services Council, serving an advisory function. The Committee facilitates student support services. 

Mission: The Mental Health & Wellness Committee is committed to promote mental health awareness and holistic health from an equitable lens to serve the diverse needs of our student population by providing information, activities, and services to increase emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual and social well-being.


  • Provide and connect students to resources on and off-campus through community partnerships and enhanced marketing strategies to promote the services of the Mission College Student Health Center.
  • Raise awareness and reduce the stigma around mental health through events, activities, social media campaigns, and the circulation of promotional items.
  • Collaborate across campus by providing presentations to campus shared governance bodies and new faculty orientation about the committee’s objectives, work, and upcoming events to increase buy-in and support across Mission College.
  • Promote holistic student wellness by providing information, resources, workshops, and events focused on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health
  • Empower students, staff, faculty, and administration to support the mental health and wellness of others on campus and promote personal growth by providing a variety of developmental workshops and presentations.


  • Make recommendations to college leadership through the Vice President and Dean of Student Services.
  • Assess student needs and brainstorm the best way to reach students (by soliciting the student perspective and connecting with ASG and student clubs).
  • Assist with new grant projects as is determined best by the Vice President of Student Services.
  • Provide resources through: (1) Creating monthly Mission Cares Newsletter (2) Hosting events and workshops (3) Establishing connections with local and nationwide organizations.
  • Collaborate with Mission College's Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT).
  • Assist with the development, update, and distribution of the Red Folder.