link College Budget Advisory Committee Members

Committee Chair(s): Danny Nguyen
Length of Chair Term: On-going
Contact Person (if different than Chair):  Chair


Members Committee Position Representing Term Duration Term Voting
Danny Nguyen Chair Administration On-going On-going No
Aaron Tolbert Member Administration On-going On-going  
Brian Miller Member Administration On-going On-going  
Edrina Rashidi Member Administration On-going On-going  
Aram Shepherd Member Academic Senate Term of office  Fa 19-Sp21  
Jeff Cormier Member Faculty 2 year  Fa 18- Sp 20  
Nita Esparza Member Faculty 2 year  Fa 18- Sp 20  
Kate Disney Member Faculty, WVMFT Term of office    
Mario Flores Member Classified Senate Term of office Fa 20- Sp 22  
Dat Nguyen Member Classified 2 year Fa 20- Sp 22  
Lusyna Narvez Member Classified 2 year Fa 21 -Spr 22  
Member Classified 2 year    
Raiida Thompson Member WVMCEA 2 year Spr 21-  
Amber LaFranboise Member Student 1 year    
Chris Bibat Ex-officio Finance On-going  On-going  No
Queenie Chan Ex-officio Finance On-going  On-going  No 
Danielle Ramirez-King Ex-officio HR On-going  On-going  No 
Kristal Dela Cruz Ex-officio Minutes On-going  On-going  No