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Albin Lee

Albin Lee

Mission College '12
UCLA '14
Major: Psychology

I attended Mission College from 2010 to 2012. After transferring to UCLA, it was amazing. All my hard work paid off. I was attending a school I never dreamed was possible. I will be honest and say that I did relax a bit that first quarter, but students should really continue running. The pressure to do well was high so I did enjoy the new environment and level of competitiveness, even though it was hard. The university is definitely bigger than community college, with a much younger population. The support wasn’t as close and personal as students get amongst the student services at Mission. Students just have to be prepared to use what they learned and do a lot of research themselves once they get there. At the university, the resources are there. You just have to take that extra step to find them. Support services that were helpful at UCLA were the Career Center as well as my departmental counseling office, but not as helpful as Mission's support services.

Prior to transferring, I wish I knew more about liberal art schools as an option. Although I know now that it isn’t for me because I wouldn’t trade my UCLA experience for anything else, it would have been good to broaden my knowledge of other universities to apply to. Also, at Mission, I wish I had gotten closer with my professors so I'd be in the habit of doing this when I got to UCLA.

I'm now working as an academic counselor and plan to apply for graduate school. I hope to become a community college counselor.

"Never settle. THINK BIG, because you are just as capable of getting into a competitive university as the next student. Think of Mission as another chance and take full advantage of it!"