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Evelina Gromilina

Evelina Gromilina

You may have seen her around campus going from class to meetings to student forums. She is often on her way to a meeting for ASG or a campus club, activities and events she had organized, internships related to her future goal of becoming a doctor, etc. Evelina Gromilina is an international student at Mission College originally from Russia. She is not only ambitious academically, but she is also very passionate and enthusiastic in her extracurricular activities to create a positive impact on other students. Via the short conversation with this “tenacious” student, we will have a better understanding of how great she is and what she been doing to inspire other students at Mission College.

Could you please tell me a little bit about yourself? How did you get your start at Mission College?

I came here from Russia about 5 years ago. I went to Santa Clara High School where I became fluent in English. I was also taking dual enrollment classes every summer at Mission. I got into several UCs after high school, but could not afford international tuition, so I went to Mission since I had already started some classes here.

What makes you become a successful student today? Is there anyone who has been inspiring you to do that?

I am a pre-med student. I am motivated to do well in my coursework, because I am planning to become a doctor and advocate for underrepresented communities. In modern medicine, there are many health disparities that arise because of socio-economic inequalities. Having internships and other experiences in the hospitals help me stay focused on my goals and give me an opportunity to learn more about medicine.

What words would you use to describe yourself?

I am tenacious: I know my goals and I work hard to achieve them. I am also passionate about many issues. 

Which projects/ activities you have been carrying out on campus as a student leader? What is the main purpose of them?

As an [ASG] activity director last year, I had planned/participated in planning:  LGBT forum, Diversity Workshop, International Day, Petting Llamas, Mental Health Workshop, Kindness Day, Halloween, Winter Wonderland, and the Carnival. It was important for me to create an atmosphere in the college that students can feel like they belong. As a student Trustee, I meet with the president and vice president of the college to bring up the student perspectives on the initiatives that are happening in the college. I wrote a resolution to an academic senate to make syllabi available to the public. I hope syllabi will be starting to be archived in the course next year. I am also working with the Foundation of the college to hopefully create a scholarship fund for international students. I represent Mission College in the regional student government as a Vice Chair. In this position I connect with other colleges to work on common issues. I will also be coordinating the submissions of the resolutions to the General Assembly in 2020 from the region. My main purpose for my advocacy projects is to aid Mission College to serve all the students the best way we can.  

Do you have any difficulties in doing those projects? What will help you to get over your worst time?

The hardest thing is not having enough time to do everything. I use a personal planning system to be able to achieve everything I had set out to do.

If you could start all over again, what would you do differently?

I would have started everything I ever did earlier than I actually did.

What is the best advice you can give to other international students?

Find something you are personally passionate about and pursue it. Be proactive in looking for opportunities. International students are limited in what we can be involved in, which means we have to work harder to find things that are meant for us. Always keep searching for something that sets your soul on fire.

Written by Phuong Huynh, our international student from Vietnam under the guidance of Jouney Chong, International Student Advisor. International Student Center Team