link Can I Speak With Someone Confidentially About Sexual Violence?
Need to Talk To Someone Confidentially?

Because the College takes sexual harassment and sexual violence so seriously, most employees are required to report all incidents of sexual harassment and sexual violence to the Title IX team so that we can protect the victims and others who might become victims in the future. However, there are staff that you can speak with that can keep your conversation confidential until you are ready to report it.

If you want to speak with someone at the College about an incident of sexual harassment or sexual violence but you don’t want to report the incident at this time, you can speak confidentially with our staff in the Student Health Centers or Counseling Department. These employees can keep what you share secret and can still help you find resources.

Student Health Services: Student Engagement Center, 106 (by Welcome Center) (408) 855-5140

Counseling Services: Counseling Office, Student Engagement Center 139 (by KJs Cafe) (408) 855-5030

It’s best to call and schedule an appointment, but you can also drop in if you need to. The important thing is for you to have someone to talk to!