Faculty Absence Reporting

For In-Person Classes: Report a same day, unplanned absence by accessing the form via the appropriate link below. It is . This will allow college staff to assist in notifying students who may show up to class not knowing it has been cancelled. Whenever possible, be sure to notify your students via email/Canvas of your absence as well.

For cancellations of synchronous online class meetings, or absences from asynchronous online teaching, or planned absences from in-person classes please contact your Dean directly in as timely manner as possible.  

In all cases,  work with your Dean to arrange substitution coverage if desired or needed, and to  determine if an absence form needs to be completed.  For your convenience you can find the form here: Faculty Absence Form  

To report a same day absence for an evening class (starting 5 p.m. or later) or a Saturday class, click below.

To report an absence for a same day class (starting before 5 p.m.) click the link below that corresponds to your division.