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Meet the Finalists

Andrea Alexander

Andrea C. Alexander

Andrea Alexander is currently the Vice President of Administrative Services for Evergreen Valley College and has held this position for six years.

Under her leadership she helped the District design a new Resource Allocation Model, brought several equity and internship programs to the college, and oversaw a campus transformation to include four new state-of-the-art buildings using the 2010 and 2016 (Measure X) Community Bonds.

Andrea Alexander has over 20 years of professional experience having worked in the non-for-profit sector, the corporate finance sector, and both within private and public higher education. She has worked in Finance and Student Services for a private university and as a Chief Financial Officer for an educational consulting firm.

Andrea then transitioned over to public education over 15 years ago as an Executive Administrator for the City Colleges of Chicago (Community College) and now with Evergreen Valley College.

Andrea Alexander holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Chicago as well as a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from Loyola University-Chicago.

Currently, Andrea is completing her Doctorate of Education from Johns Hopkins University which will be published this summer. Her dissertation focuses on examining the racial and sexual microaggressions women of color experience within higher education that negatively impacts their self-efficacy, major chosen, and ultimately their career trajectory.

Andrea Alexander has used her professional career as a way to highlight and find inroads into creating equitable and socially just environments for marginalized populations.

These inroads include how we introduce the students and employees to the campus culture, how we include their cultural norms into the everyday activities and workings of the college, and how the college allows for both diversity of thought and diversity of interactions.

It is important to note that diversity must extend to the classroom, leadership meetings, amongst professional development opportunities, and within the overall campus environment.

By continuously seeking ways to create and sustain equitable learning environments and services that support student success, Andrea Alexander is excited to potentially join a college community with a reputation for equity, participatory governance, community partnerships, and fiscal stewardship focused on student success.

Dr. Seher Awan

Awan SeherSeher Awan is a passionate social justice advocate. As a first-generation community college student, she has dedicated her career to building on her passion for helping others.

Dr. Awan has an extensive educational background and has earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, a Masters of Business Administration, a Masters of Public Administration and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership.

Dr. Awan has served in numerous roles within higher education. In 2014, she was hired as Vice President of Administrative Services for San Diego City College. With her career beginnings in student services, she brought a unique approach to finance and administrative services.

At San Diego City College, she served in her role as Vice President of Administrative Services, guiding the College through new processes, participatory governance, and integrating a student success approach towards operations.

In 2018, Dr. Awan became the youngest California Community College president at 32. Joining the Los Angeles Southwest College team as president, Dr. Awan jumped in with enthusiasm, energy, and a focus on student-centered care.

She has led the college through extensive organizational change and fiscal recovery, keeping students at the center of her decision-making. She established new community partnerships and brought in resources every year of her tenure.

Dr. Awan served as a Wheelhouse Fellow in 2019 and is a current Aspen Institute New Presidents Fellow. She has over sixteen years of experience in higher education, with a strategic focus on equity and social justice, empowering the most underserved communities through education