Math homework has an equation circled in red (corrected.)

Reviewing Graded Math Tests

After your corrected and scored Math test is returned to you, use it as a learning experience. 

  • See what Math test questions you missed and figure out why you missed them. Figuring out why you missed a question is often as important as getting the answer correct on the test.
  • Review the six types of test-taklng errors and determine which kind of mistakes you made. Work on preventing these types of errors in the future. 
  • Study your instructor's comments, if any, so you will know what to expect on the next Math exam. 
  • Determine what types of questions are on the test: where did you see these questions before? In the textbook examples? Homework problems? Lectures? 
  • Redo all incorrect work. It is best that your most recent memory is of having done the problem correctly, rather than with errors. 
  • If there were concepts on the test which you did not understand, go back and review them, as they will probably appear on the final exam and will be needed for your next math course.
  • Save your test. This will be a great study tool for the final Math exam
  • Review your numerical score on the test to see if the instructor miscounted the number of points. 
  • If you are not sure why you did not receive full credit for a problem, or if you disagree with your score, discuss the situation with your instructor immediately.