link Food Truck
The Mission Food Truck is pictured, parked outside of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose.

Mission College Food Truck

Long removed from the catering truck beside a construction site, today's food trucks are modern marvels catering to a wide variety of cuisines.

The proliferation of social media and GPS tracking has allowed the food truck business to expand its footprint and reach a greater audience. And it's on wheels! Beer festivals, sporting events, and community gatherings have them, so does corporate America.

That's why in 2016, Mission College & the Freeberg Foundation purchased a 30-foot, fully equipped mobile educational unit. It has a full array of features for food preparation comparable to any medium-sized restaurant.

With the unit, we offer real-life experiences working and preparing meals in a food truck environment. It also uses Mission College's existing kitchen facilities to enhance its meals and services.