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Close-up photograph of a woman's face.Quotation mark."The instructors in the Graphic Design department at Mission College want you to succeed. You can see that by the way they make themselves so readily available to their students."- Graphic Design Student -Mission College
woman with glassesQuotation mark."The instructors are great. They're very knowledgeable and have a lot of experience. I love that the instructors have done graphic design for a living and give insights on what it's like out there."- Graphic Design Student -Mission College
person on a beach at sunsetQuotation mark."Joining this department was one of the biggest desitions of my life, but so far, also one of my best. It has been a demanding time but rewarding as well and for once I feel truely prepared and ready to join the professional world."- Graphic Design Student -Mission College
hands with lights around themQuotation mark."In this department you will do projects and assignments that are relevant to your future career in Graphic Design and will cause you to explore parts of your creativity that you never knew you had!"- Graphic Design Student -Mission College