Fire Tech students practice a drill with real fire. They are silhouettes in full gear against large flames and smoke.

Firefighter Careers

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Becoming a firefighter in California takes dedication, skill, and specialized training. At Mission College, we offer a "one-stop-shop" to meet the needs of fire department candidates. Want proof? Read about some of our successful alums.


Shay Mountford climbing a ladder in her firefighter gear.

I got hired by the Santa Clara County Fire Department in 2002 and still hold my position as a proud Firefighter and Engineer. This also inspired me to develop Blaze of Glory Fitness to help prepare, train, guide, and motivate potential firefighters.

Shay Mountford '98

Firefighter and Fitness Coach

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Firefighter and EMT Jobs

Career Outlook

Skills Needed

  • Communication and teamwork
  • Practical skills in operating and using tools
  • Decision making
  • High physical fitness
  • Ability to act quickly, adapt and to remain calm
  • Self discipline
  • Integrity
  • Tolerance to variety of personalities
  • Following directions and regulations
  • Leadership

Select Jobs in the Field

  • Firefighter
  • EMT and Paramedic
  • Fire Chief or Captain
  • Safety Manager
  • Fire Sprinkler Designer
  • Fire Marshall
  • Health and Safety Manager
  • Fire Protection Engineer
  • Fire Inspector