link Counseling - Am I on Course?

Are You on Course?

Get Started (0 Units): At this stage, I will:

  1. Apply for admission.
  2. Take an English/Reading & Math assessment (or an ESL assessment.)
  3. Apply for financial aid and scholarships.
  4. Complete a New Student orientation.
  5. Meet with a Mission College counselor to develop an Educational Plan.
  6. Register for classes.

The First 15 (0 to 15 Units*): At this stage, I will:

  1. Understand my Rights & Responsibilities as a student.
  2. Identify the Student Support Services that support me.
  3. Keep current with my college accounts (MC Portal)
  4. Explore Campus Clubs/Activities.
  5. Explore areas of interest.
  6. Attend a campus event.

Making Progress (16 to 30 Units*): At this stage, I will:

  1. Identify an area of interest (major, certificate, area of emphasis, etc.)
  2. Meet with Instructors during their office hours

Moving Forward (31 to 45 Units*): At this stage, I will:

  1. Identify career, transfer, or graduation options.
  2. Apply for transfer or seek professional internships.
  3. Maintain academic standards of achievement, honesty, and integrity.
  4. Update your Educational Plan with a counselor.

Graduate & Transfer (45 to 60 Units*): At this stage, I will:

  1. Complete transfer requirements.
  2. Tour transfer campuses – attend campus open houses.
  3. Petition for graduation.
  4. Apply for Financial Aid or scholarships for transfer.

Lifelong Learning (70 Units* and Beyond): At this stage, I will:

  1. Demonstrate and apply skills for lifelong learning.
  2. Apply what I have learned at Mission College to contribute to society.

* Applies to degree applicable courses only