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Computer Science & Information Technology

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Computer Science & Information Technology

Associate of Science (A.S) Degree in Computer Information Systems or Computer Networking certificates in programming, system administration, and networking; transfer courses to four-year colleges and universities; and professional courses in the ever-changing technology area.

  • Can earn an associates in science degree or a variety of certificates
  • Highly qualified instructors with extensive industry experience
  • Hands-on computer labs with the latest equipment
  • Comprehensive transfer and career enhancing courses in the latest technology areas
  • Flexible course schedules including evening and online classes
Classes to Consider

All classes are online this summer. Never taken an online class? Here's some information.

Python Programming • CIS 007 • CRN 51166 • 51167 • 51815

This is an introductory course in programming using Python.Students learn to design, code, and execute programs using the Python programming language.

Introduction to C Programming • CIS 037A • CRN 51478

This course is an introduction to the concepts and methods of computer programming using C language. The course covers data types, expressions, control structures, functions, sequential files, arrays, pointers, strings, string library and ADTs.

C++ Programming • CIS 040 • CRN 51612

This is an introductory course in programming using C++. Students learn to design, code, and execute programs using the C++ programming language.

Software Development With Java Programming • CIS 043 CRN 51170 • 51429 • 51816

This is an introduction to the concepts and methods of computer programming with an emphasis on OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), using Java programming language.

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CIT 21: Two Classes in One

By taking CIT 21, you can start a path towards earning a Cisco Network Administration certificate (CCNA) AND take a core course towards an A.S. degree. We will help you complete your "Cisco" Network class here in Santa Clara.

Featured Classes

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Intro to Computer Science

Get an introduction to computer programming with CIS 001.

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Robotics and Embedded Systems

Work with switches, LEDs, motors and basic hardware in CIS 033.

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Advanced Python Programming

Advance your Python skills covering language and libraries in CIS 008.

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CISCO Networking Academy

Mission's Dr. Wael Abdeljabbar recognized by Cisco .

We also offer a CCNA CISCO-certified certificate of achievement (starting from CIT 21). Also known as the Cisco Networking Academy. The courses offered are CIT 21, CIT 22, CIT 23 and CIT 24. Summer and fall classes available. Course catalog

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Career Education

Get hands-on training, real-world experience, learn from industry professionals and gain skills to get you hired.

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