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Mission College Center for Innovation and Technology (MC²IT)

Mission College has renewed their commitment to supporting companies in Silicon Valley by creating the Mission College Center for Innovation and Technology (MC²IT). The Center will allow students, active high-tech professionals, and entrepreneurs the opportunity to work together and learn while solving real-world engineering problems.

Specifically, the Center is a non-profit contract research and development company established on campus to provide students with current industry experience. The College is looking for another location to accommodate the increased needs of our partners. The Center will be a low-risk environment for companies to explore new technologies while providing hands-on industry experience to students. In effect, it turns the internship model upside down, bringing business and real-world career experience on-campus, at company sites as well as virtual.

Through the MC²IT we hope to see three outcomes for our students: a successful career in technology, choosing to continue education at a 4-year institution or forming a "start-up". Whichever, it is a positive opportunity for our students, our industry neighbors and our community.