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Small Business Institute

If you're a small or medium-size business, Mission College offers a range of helpful programs and services. Upskill your career and business skills and get ahead! Read more about what co-ops are.

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Programs Offered

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Co-Op Programs

Did you know REI and credit unions are some of many co-op businesses? Information on Succession Planning for employee-owned businesses.

Co-Op Programs
plane over buildings and words Trade 101

Trade 101

Series of courses designed to support small and medium sized business navigate international trade.  

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Working Professionals

Mission offers an array of classes in business, accounting, graphic design, ESL, hospitality and others to help the working professional.

Working Professionals
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Working Adults

Do you work part-time and have children? Check out these programs for working adults.

Working Adults
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Business Information Professionals

Need help with basic computer skills and courses for the administrative specialist in your office? We've got you covered.

BIP Program

Courses for the Business Person

You can take one class or earn a complete degree. Classes are $46 per unit or about $160 with campus fees per semester.

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Keeping the Books 

Earn an accounting degree or certificate. 

Accounting Courses
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Running a Business

Learn how to run a business and gain management skills.

Business Courses
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Learning English

Improve your speaking, listening, and grammar skills with non-credit (free), credit, and intensive ESL programs.

ESL Courses
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Computer Programming/IT

Learn the latest networking and programming skills, including cyber security and maintenance.

CSIT Courses
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Graphic Design / Marketing

We teach you the basics to make your marketing materials look good using InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Design Classes
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Hospitality Management

Learn how to cook and manage a kitchen.

Hospitality Classes