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Centers for International Trade Development

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Centers for International Trade Development

The purpose of the Center for International Trade Development is:

  • Deliver export and import programs that create jobs.
  • Inform career pathways and technical assistance
  • Expand global trade curriculum and international marketing opportunities.
  • To help business owners, staff, importers and exportes to expand their international trade knowledge through training, mentoring and counseling.
  • Complete eight courses over six months.
Grant Overview
  • An 18-month grant (June 2016 to February 2018)
  • Re-graduate professionals needing to re-enter the job market
Global Digital Marketing Program
  • Global Digital Marketing Essentials
  • Principles of Global Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Tech Infastructure
  • Global Digital Marketing Research and Analytics
  • Global Consumer Behavior
  • Global Digital Trades and Commerce
  • Global Partnerships and Alliances
  • Global Business Ethics and Legalities
Career Paths
  • Project Director
  • Instructor
  • International Trade Specialist
  • International Trade Analyst

In 2000 the California Trade and Commerce was abolished and the funds reappropriated to community colleges. 

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Rob Gamble, Director