link Repeating Courses at Mission College

Course Repetitions

Students may not repeat courses that have been successfully completed unless it is deemed that special extenuating circumstances exist, or the course has been designated as repeatable.

Course Repetition and Families of Courses

State regulations limit the ability of courses to be repeated after either receiving a grade or notation on the student records.

In addition, there are groupings of courses in the West Valley-Mission Community College District with similar active participatory content called families with the Kinesiology, Wellness & Human performance, Physical Education, Art, Theater and Music disciplines (additional disciplines may be added to a family when appropriate.)

West Valley and Mission Colleges courses in these families are linked, independent of location taken and students may only attempt up to 4 courses in any single family.

An attempt is defined as receiving any grade or notation (e.g., W for withdrawal) in any previous or current terms – this is a cumulative count of attempts. If a family has less than 4 courses in its offerings and a student has received passing grades in these courses, the maximum attempts allowed may be less than 4.

Students with documented, extenuating circumstances must complete and submit a Student Petition to the Admissions & Records Office for consideration of attempts beyond the four within an individual family.