What is Credit by Examination?

(Title 5, 55050, Ed Code Section 70901 and 70902, Board Policy 4235, Administrator Procedure 4235)

Credit by examination allows the student to use acquired knowledge, abilities and competencies to challenge certain courses for units. Credit will be granted to any student who meets the requirements for credit by exam and who successfully passes an examination approved and conducted by the proper authorities of the college.

Grading shall be according to the regular grading scale: except Pass/No Pass Option shall be offered, as an option, if it is ordinarily availabe for the course. The regulations governing credit by examination are listed below.


Students are cautioned that any credits obtained by any of the methods listed below, while accepted by Mission College, may not be acceptable for credit by any other institution, public or private.

It is the student's responsibility to check with other institutions to determine the acceptability of any credit earned by examination.

Those students receiving 70% or greater on the Credit by Examination will receive credit for the course. Courses that allowed for Credit by Exam are listed online.

Regulations for Credit by Examination

  1. The credit by exam status for each course is determined by each department and is noted on the official course outline of record.
  2. The student must be registered and in good standing at Mission College.
  3. The student can demonstrate that he/she is especially qualified, through previous training or instruction, to complete such examination.
  4. A maximum of twelve (12) semester units toward an associate degree may be earned by courses for which credit has been earned by examination.
  5. A student may take an examination only once and the grade received on the examination will be recorded on the permanent record of the student. The student's academic record will clearly indicate that the credit was earned by examination.
  6. Grading for the examination shall be according to the regular grading system except that students shall be offered a "pass-no pass" option if that option is ordinarily available for the course.
  7. The units earned through such examination shall not be used to satisfy the minimum twelve (12) semester hours of credit in residence required for an associate degree.
  8. Credit by examination is not applicable to a meeting of such load requirements a Selective Service deferment, Veteran's or Social Security benefits.
  9. Examinations are only given during the Fall and Spring regular semesters and request must be received by the sixth week of the semester to be processed during that semester.

A student wishing to challenge a course using credit by examination can obtain a student petition form for Credit by Examination form online.

What do I do next?

  1. Fill out the Credit by Examination form (form is online). Once filled out then submit it to Admissions & Records by the sixth week of the Fall or Spring semester.
  2. You will receive confirmation by email from the instructor assigned; a date and time to take the exam. Allow for a 2-hour time period.
  3. A Mission College Student ID is required as proof of identity prior to taking the test. No other identification will be accepted.

You MUST apply following the procedure above. No drop-ins. You will be called to confirm your attendance at the appointed time. 

Fall and Spring Schedule for Credit by Exam:

  • Exams will be scheduled on a case by case basis.
  • Deadlines: Student must file the application, with the Admissions & records department prior to the end of the sixth week in Fall or Spring regular semesters.

****Exams are not offered during the winter or summer sessions*****