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What are Waitlists?

If a class is closed, students can add their name to the class-section's wait list before the class begins. If a 'registered' student drops a class and a space becomes available, eligible wait list students will be e-mailed and texted that they may register for the class. The student will have 48 hours (2 days) from the time the notifications are sent to register for the class otherwise they will be dropped from the wait list.  Notifications are sent to the student’s email and personal email address.

It is recommended that students monitor their wait lists regularly to check on the current status on the wait list. If students have one or more HOLDS assigned to their records, or if there are overlapping classes that are recognized as a conflict, etc. the wait list status will remain and the student will not be able to enroll into the class(es) without correcting the problem(s).

Students will be able to monitor their wait list status in the My Mission Portal, under "Manage my Waitlist".

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