Pass/No Pass Policy 

Request Pass/No Pass Grading

The deadline for Pass/ No Pass grade notations for eligible courses is the last day of instruction before finals.  Courses eligible for Pass/No Pass are identified in the grade mode column in the link below for course-level important dates.  If your course is eligible for Pass/No Pass, locate the corresponding Pass/No Pass deadline in the link below and submit your Pass/No Pass request by the deadline.   

Fall 2023 Course-Level Important Dates

Meet with a Counselor

Important points to consider before electing to submit a P/NP request form:

  • Check your courses' syllabi or the college catalog to determine if you can take a course P/NP. Not all courses are eligible for a P/NP grade option. 
  • A request for the P/NP grade option is final. A reversal to a letter grade after the P/NP request is submitted will not be allowed.
  • Transferability of courses with a "P" grade differs depending on the university, major, and course.  
  • Students may want to compare the benefits of dropping a course versus attempting a "P" grade.  
  • A “P” is equivalent to a C or better.
  • P/NP grades are not used in GPA calculations. 
  • Taking a course for P/NP could have important implications for future graduate school admissions. Graduate schools may have prerequisites that require letter grading. 
  • A NP grade mark does not earn course units. If you receive a NP grade, your financial aid eligibility can be impacted in the following ways: affect your academic probationary status if you fall below minimum units; could affect the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) calculation, which determines your eligibility for future financial aid.
  • Veterans who receive financial assistance may have a strong motivation to take classes for a letter grade, as the receipt of a grade such as a “NP” can retroactively affect financial aid. These are complex issues and students should consult closely with the VALOR program


Q: How do I change my grading option?
A: Submit the Pass/No Pass Grade Option Request form.

Q: Will taking a class for P/NP impact my GPA?
A: P/NP grades are not factored into the GPA calculation.

Q: Will taking a class for P/NP impact my time to graduation?
A: That depends on whether a letter grade in the class is required by your major or college. Additionally, courses in which you receive an “NP” grade yield no units toward graduation. 


Students whose grade mode has changed to P/NP will appear on your grading roster at the end of the term.