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Quinlyann Jackins

Quin Jackins

Quin Jackins

Associate Faculty

Phone: not listed
Office Location: not listed
Department: Mathematics


BA Mathematics  UC Berkeley
MA.Ed Mathematics  Stanford University
MS Mathematics Colorado State University

Courses Taught / Syllabi

Math 3A, 3B Calculus
Math 903, C  Elementary and Intermediate Algebra
Math 1 College Algebra/Pre-calculus
Math D, 2 Trigonometry and Precalculus
Math 900, 901, 902 Arithmetic Functions, Arithmetic Review, Pre-Algebra

Fast Facts

Quin lives in Seattle, Washington and travels to CA to visit friends and Boston, MA to spend time with her three grandchildren. As a volunteer, she teaches seniors and others how to use their Apple products (laptops, iPads, iPhones).  She enjoys live theater performances (especially musicals) and also is a volunteer for the Seattle Theater Group.

Favorite Quote

Be kind to one another ~ Ellen DeGeneris (watch) also Ephesians 4:32