CSU Transfer Information

San Jose State University

College of Applied  Sciences & Arts

Health professions

  • Contact: Sarah Roberts, 408 924-2932, Health Science and Recreation, http://www.sjsu.edu/hsr/
  • Contacts: Health Science and Recreation department: 408-924-2971
    • For Health Science questions, contact the Health Science Group at: healthscience-group@sjsu.edu
    • For recreation questions, contact the Destyny at: destyny.gutierrez@sjsu.edu


  • Contact:  Kinesiology Department: (408) 924-3010, Nursing, 
  • Contact: School of Nursing (408) 924.3131, nursing@sjsu.edu

Occupational Therapy

  • Contact: Department of Occupational Therapy: 408.924.3070, Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering:

Aviation and Technology

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Agnes Borja: 408-924-3900, Agnes.Borja@sjsu.edu
  • Department: civileng@email.sjsu.edu

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

  • Contacts:
    • David Parent, Tel: 924-3963, david.parent@sjsu.edu
    • Jim Freeman, Tel: 924-3794, jim.freeman@sjsu.edu

General Engineering

  • Contact On-Campus Program Staff:
    • Kathy Robinson, On-Campus Program Specialist, Phone: 408-924-4048, Email: kathy.robinson@sjsu.edu
    • Dr. Leonard Wesley, MSE Director, Phone: 408-924-3968, Email: leonard.wesley@sjsu.edu

Industrial and Systems Engineering

  • Contact: Industrial and System Engineering: 408-924-3301, industrialsystems-dept@sjsu.edu

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • ABET-accredited programs
  • Contact: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, (408) 924-3850, mechaeroengr@sjsu.edu


San Francisco State University

Applied Mathematics

  • Contact: Department of Mathematics, statmath@sfsu.edu, 415-338-2251

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences


  • Contact: Department of Biology, 415-338-1548

Computer Science

  • Contact: Department of Computer Science, 415-338-1008, csgrad@sfsu.edu

Engineering, Civil

  • Contact: School of Engineering, 415-338-1174,engineer@sfsu.edu

Environmental Studies

  • Contact: School of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement, 415-338-1149, 


  • Contact: Department of Geosciences, 415-338-2061

Health Education

Industrial Design

  • Contact: Department of Design and Industry: 415-338-2211, dai@sfsu.edu


  • Contact: Department of Kinesiology, 415-338-2244


  • Contact: Department of Physics and Astronomy, 415-338-1659, physics@sfsu.edu


  • Contact: School of Nursing, 415-338-1802


CSU East Bay Bachelors of Science degrees

Biochemistry, B.A., B.S.

Biological Science, B.A., B.S.

Chemistry, B.A., B.S.

Computer Engineering, B.S.

Computer Science, B.S.

Construction Management

Environmental Science, B.S.

Geology, B.A., B.S.

  • Contact: Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, (510) 885-3486, geology@csueastbay.edu

Health Sciences, B.S.

 Industrial Engineering, B.S.


Mathematics, B.S.

Nursing, B.S.

Physics, B.A., B.S.

Speech Pathology and Audiology



Sacramento State University

Biological Sciences: BA, BS, Honors Program, Minor, Certificate

  • Contact: Nancy Angell, Administrative Support Coordinator, (916) 278-6535

Chemistry: BA, BS, Minor

  • Contact: Michelle Williams, Administrative Support Coordinator, (916) 278-6684

Computer Science: BS, Minor, Certificate

  • Contact: Veronica Pruitt, Administrative Support Coordinator, (916) 278-6834


  • Contact: Cynda Dart, Administrative Support Coordinator, (916) 278-6366

Engineering — Civil: BS, Certificate

  • Contact: Neysa Bush, Administrative Support Coordinator, (916) 278-6982

Engineering — Computer: BS

  • Contact: Suzanne Abshire, Administrative Support Coordinator, (916) 278-6844

Engineering — Construction Management: BS-Minor in Business Administration

  • Contact: Anyssa Lumbert, Administrative Support Assistant, (916) 278-6616

Engineering — Electrical: BS

  • Contact: Suzanne Abshire, Administrative Support Coordinator, (916) 278-6873

Engineering — Mechanical: BS

  • Contact: Laura O'Neill, Administrative Support Coordinator, (916) 278-6624

Geology: BA, BS, Minor

  • Contact: Stacy Sinz, Administrative Support Coordinator, (916) 278-6337

Kinesiology: BS, Minor, Credential, Certificate

  • Contact: Stacie Tillman, Administrative Support Coordinator, (916) 278-6441

Mathematics: BA, Minor, Credential

  • Contact: Dawn Giovannoni, Administrative Support Coordinator, (916) 278-6534

Nursing: BS

  • Contact: Nancy Beers, ASC II/Office Manager, (916) 278-4106

Physics: BA, BS, Minor, Certificate

  • Contact: Heidi Yamazaki, Administrative Support Coordinator, (916) 278-6518

Physical Therapy

  • Contact: Jerri McAtee, Administrative Support Coordinator, (916) 278-6426

Speech Pathology and Audiology: BS

  • Contact: David Gleason, Administrative Support Coordinator, (916) 278-6601