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M+F working on whiteboardWhat is STEM Core?

STEM Core is a program at Mission College to prepare students for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through accelerated Math courses (up to 4 in one year), combined with other resources to help students succeed in their desired pathway.

STEM Core aims to assist students who are interested in a STEM major/career path and need to take Algebra and Trigonometry as prerequisites to Calculus. Many students begin with Elementary Algebra (Math 903) in the fall; however, students may begin participating in STEM Core with Intermediate Algebra (Math C), College Algebra (Math 1), or Trigonometry (Math D). In short, students join a cohort of other students in math classes that will prepare students for Calculus and advanced STEM classes in one academic year or less. During this academic year, students are strongly encouraged to take Introduction to Engineering (EGR 10) and/or Python Programming (CIS 7) to be ready to apply for a paid summer internship.

Program Benefits
  • Free use of course textbooks for all STEM Core mathematics courses
  • Extra tutoring resources for STEM Core courses (both within and outside of the classroom)
  • STEM Workshops
    • Career speakers
    • Resume/Interview techniques
    • Professional development
    • College transfer
  • Field trips to local tech companies/industry partners/transfer institutions
  • Opportunities to compete for exclusive PAID summer internships at NASA Ames, Lockheed Martin, SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator) and other employers in Silicon Valley.  (In order to apply for summer internships, students must complete the STEM Core sequence of courses with a 3.0 g.p.a.) The current internship payment is $6000 for 8 to 10 weeks of full-time work. Subsequently, there may be the opportunity to continue working part-time during the academic year.


Students are eligible by:

  • Successful completion of MAT 902 (Pre-algebra) or its equivalent by the end of the summer 2019 term; and,

  • Completing the STEM Core application and interview process.

Program Schedule

Fall 2019 Schedule

Math 903 (CRN 70611) / Math C (CRN 70539)
Instructor: Gabriel Porrata Vallejo
9:20 AM - 11:55 AM • MT 22

Spring 2020 Schedule

Math 1 (CRN 31147) / Math D (CRN 31139)
Instructor: Gabriel Porrata Vallejo
9:20 AM - 11:25 AM • MT 9

Also, please take an Engineering and/or Computer Science course to be competitive for a PAID summer internship. Choose from any of the following:

  • EGR 10 Introduction to Engineering
  • CIS 007 Python Programming
  • CIS 040 C++ Programming
  • CIS 043 Software Development with Java Programming

The courses above are great introductory courses, but you are not limited to them.