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Mentoring Program

HSI-STEM Mentors

Mentoring Program

The HSI-STEM Females in STEM mentorship program is on its second year, and we are proud to be working with 8 talented professional woman in the Valley.  Throughout the academic year, the mentors and mentees will work closely with each other to strengthen the student’s professional development. The added bonus of this program will be the student’s chance at accompanying their mentor on 3 job shadowing days during the year.

2019-2020 Mentors:

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  • Jessica Koehne is a NASA scientist specializing in Nano Technology. Jessica is currently leading the Nano-Biosensors Lab at NASA Ames Research Center. Jessica graduated from UC Davis with PhD in Chemistry, and a BS in Chemistry from Santa Clara University.
  • Jessica Ossuna is an Atmospheric Scientist at Lawrence Livermore Lab. Jessica has a PhD in Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management from UC Berkeley, and a BS in Atmospheric Sciences from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Joanna Guerrero -Premium Support Advisor at Alteryx. Joanna holds a masters degree from SJSU in Software Engineering and a BS in Computer Science from Chico State. This is Joanna's second year serving as mentor, and she is one of our most ardent supporters. Not only does she dedicate time to work with our students, but she also mentors students from her alma mater, SJSU! What an amazing person!
  •  Melissa Ng is a Mechanical Engineer at Sandia Labs. Melissa began her educational career at Ohlone College, and received her Bachelor of Science from UC Davis in Mechanical Engineering. Melissa wants to serve as a mentor because she wants to give back to community college students, and help coach them in their journey.
  •  Michelle Marinas holds a Masters in Counseling from San Jose State University, and a Bachelor’s of Public Health from CSU, Fresno. Currently, Michelle serves as an Office Manager for Bright Funds in SF, and prior to that, she served as a career counselor at SJSU Career Center. Michelle is passionate about guiding young professionals in their career journeys.
  •  Ragaa Hope Ishak is a counselor with a PhD in Educational Psychology from Walden University, a Masters in Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics from UC Santa Cruz, and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University. Ragaa has a beautiful blend of educational background to offer her mentee. She is now a faculty member at the American Institute of Health and Care Professionals, but had previously worked in the tech field for 18 years.
  •  Sarah Kalman was also a former community college student, she started out at Cabrillo College in Math and Engineering, received her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from SJSU, worked as a civil engineer, and recently transitioned into the business model of things, and she now holds the role of Business Developer for Treasure Data in Mountain View. Sarah will also provide her mentee with an interesting perspective on engineering and the various career paths available to someone in that field. 
  •  Zebib Teklyes holds masters in Construction Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Zebib is a project manager at Sand Hill Construction Management, and in speaking with her, I could hear the enthusiasm and energy in her voice regarding being a mentor and helping students navigate the professional landscape