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Congratulations to the following TRIO/ACCESS Students who are receiving 2014-2015 Scholarships!!
Name of Scholarship
ACCESS Student Recipient(s)
Alpha Gamma Sigma Luis Estrada
ASG/Continuing Mission College Student Scholarship Natasha Alaniz, Adam Bess, Ran Bi, Anna Gonzalez, Ngoc Ly
ASG/Re-Entry Gretchen Eadson
ASG/Single Parent Scholarship Latasha Mixon, Melissa Teran, Vi Vu
ASG/Transfer Student Scholarship Leap Le, Vu Le
David Schor Memorial Scholarship Godwin Kaba
Dolores "Dee" Gonzales Endowment Latasha Mixon
Don Cordero Scholarship Kongnso Nansinyuy
Don/Lorraine Freeburg Scholarship Lu Jiang
DSPS Empowerment Scholarship Salman Raihan
Herman H & Mildred Wartinger Scholarship Bill Lash
HSI Title V Scholarship Erik Acosta, Jocelyn Aguirre, Natasha Alaniz, Dolores Savitz
Lenore & Curtis Mills Endowment Tahsin Hossain
Mary Le Scholarship Elizabeth Strickland
Mission-West Valley Land Corp Promise Scholarship Jocelyn Aguirre, Natasha Alaniz, Ran Bi, Midori Drane, Gretchen Eadson, Tahsin Hossain, May Khin, Ngoc Ly, Latasha Mixon, Vy Ngo, Han Nguyen, Priscilla Ochoa, Marlon Perez, Elizabeth Strickland, Melissa Teran, Jennifer Vann, Cynthia Yanez
Osher Scholarship Safwan Alazzway, Hope Milyn Ballestreros, Adam Bess, Anna Gonzalez, Bill Lash
Vanley Batchelor Scholarship Cecilia Tovar, Vi Vu

ACCESS STUDENTS RECEIVED 48 OUT OF 198 SCHOLARSHIPS THAT WERE AWARDED (19%)! A total of $260,193 in scholarships was awarded at Mission. ACCESS Students received a combined total of $48,880 (24%)!