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Curriculum Review Committee Members

Terms: 2 years

last updated 09/15/15

Thais Winsome (Chair)
tel: 408-855-5217

Diane Lamkin (Technical Review Officer)
tel: 408-855-5333

Yolanda Coleman (Articulation Officer)
tel: 408-855-5081

Division Representatives (Voting Members)

Brenna Wundram, Applied Sciences ext. 5394

Yolanda Coleman, Student Services ext. 5081

Carla Breidenbach, Liberal Studies ext. 5385

Pat Hudak, Business & Technology ext. 5361

Diane Lamkin, Math and Science ext. 5333

Robert Reed, Math and Science ext. 5326

Alicia Martinez, Student Services ext. 5039

Elli Constantin, Student Services ext. 5411


Ex-Officio Members

Leandra Martin, VP of Instruction ext. 5182

Aileen de Guzman, Curriculum Analyst ext. 5184