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Rhonda Manning
Mission College '01
Alex Ciak
Mission College '10
 Vy Tran
Mission College '11 

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House of Soul Food

RHONDA MANNING is the chef/owner of House of Soul Food, one of Silicon Valley’s most popular soul food dining establishments. Inspired by her mother and grandmother’s ability to create delicious traditional southern style dishes and feed the entire neighborhood, Rhonda was drawn to into the kitchen at an early age. Learn More

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

ALEX CIAK thrives in his career as a Tax Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). His work involves accounting and tax work for Silicon Valley venture capital firms. His work is challenging and dynamic due to the constantly changing regulatory environment of tax law. Learn More

Genentech, NASA

VY TRAN’S journey from Vietnam to America started at the Institute for International Studies (IIS) at Mission College. She enrolled in the IIS classes to improve her English and learn about academic expectations and culture in the U.S. During her studies, Vy worked at the International Student Center and helped other international students at the college.  Learn More

Jyodi Mohole
Mission College '14
Albin Lee
Mission College '12
Sammy Mestizo
Mission College

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 JYODI MOHOLE used the Jack Kent Cooke scholarship of $40,000 to transfer to UC Davis and earn a degree in neurobiology, physiology and behavior. The first-generation Mission College graduate maintained a 4.0 GPA at Mission and was a STEM peer mentor and MESA Tutor. Learn More  ALBIN LEE credits Mission College in getting him into UCLA. One of Albin's regrets is not taking advantage of the many opportunities at Mission that he later found at UCLA. Learn More SAMMY MESTIZO nearly dropped out of UC Santa Cruz, but after good marks on his first set of tests. Instead he decided to stick it out and earn his bachelor's. Sammy credits Mission's commitment not only of its staff but its instructors in his academic career. Learn More


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