Educational and Facilities Master Plan - EFMP (Draft)

Note: the following are large multi-page PDF files.

Executive Summary


The Mission College Facilities Master Plan has been developed in support of the College’s Draft Educational Master Plan, and reflects the opportunities and desire to grow Mission College into the premier community college facility in the region. The Facilities Master Plan anticipates the completion of the academic portion of the campus, while providing for future campus completion projects. It also addresses the allocation of space for potential public/private partnership opportunities in the future. Retention and operation of the existing Main Building throughout the construction of its replacement projects is a major challenge in providing a coherent, connected campus throughout the entire master plan construction process. The master plan, as designed and sequenced, allows for this to occur in an organized and logical manner.

The Facilities Master Plan document is intended to be a dynamic document which should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to keep it flexible and adaptable as future opportunities may arise.

General funding for projects outlined within the Facilities Master Plan is through a combination of sources, including partial State funding, as well as funding from the previous General Obligation Bond passed in 2004. It is anticipated that completion of the entire proposed Mission College Facilities Master Plan will require additional funding from other sources beyond the current bond.


The Facilities Master Plan included significant input and planning guidance over a period of several months through the process of shared governance, significant technical and programmatic input from all facets of the District and Mission College community, as well as participation by the community-at large.

Facilities Master Plan

The Facilities Master Plan design provides for a coherent, centrally-focused campus design. It will be sequenced in an effort to produce the least disruption to normal campus functions, while working with available and anticipated funding sources.

The main challenge of the Facilities Master Plan is the replacement and subsequent demolition of the existing Main Building. The need to construct replacement facilities prior to the demolition of the Main Building has greatly influenced the design concepts of the site plan. The removal of this iconic building will require the replacement of the "heart of the campus". The new "heart" is an interdisciplinary plaza... an open space with an outdoor amphitheatre, landscaping, covered walkways, and a water feature to inspire gathering by students and faculty, creating a renewed sense of community. The radial concept of the campus is maintained, with all future projects organized around the new plaza area.

The redesign of the front entry is critical in creating a renewed sense of arrival to the campus. The north-south axis of the campus is strengthened by a more formally landscaped "academic avenue" which connects the campus with the Mercado development to the south. A less formal "green weave" informally landscaped walkway extending from the new main entry on an east-west axis through the new interdisciplinary plaza westward will strengthen the connection of the academic and physical education facilities, unifying the campus.

The creation of exterior paseos and courtyards are created to allow for informal gatherings, opportunities for exterior instructional settings, and places for rest and relaxation within a landscaped environment. Exterior spaces will be of differing sizes and configurations to allow for a variety of opportunities. These spaces will offer vistas throughout the campus environment, as well as opportunities for solitude and contemplation.

Significant utility infrastructure upgrades will be required to address the future projects of the master plan. Several of the newer buildings will require minor upgrades, while many of the older buildings may require more extensive renovation/modernization work. It is the intent of the master plan to remove the existing portable building structures and replace them with permanent facilities.

A significant portion of College property along the south perimeter of the campus has been developed with both retail and commercial office use by the Mercado Retail Center and Yahoo. The Facilities Master Plan also considers this area of Districtowned property for potential future public/private opportunities.