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Follow-up Report Evidence 2015
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[pdf] R4.1 GAP Minutes, 10-1-14.pdf 178.5 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.2 Mission College Academic Senate Minutes, 9-4-14.pdf 581.6 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.3 Email, “CurricUNET Issues”, 7-23-14.pdf 68.9 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.4 Email, RE. couns A 8.19.14.pdf 76.3 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.5 Email, “SLO and PLO Spreadsheets are coming”, 9-19-14.pdf 80.9 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R4.6 Job Description, DE and Outcomes Assessment Coordinator.docx 19.6 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.7 Email, “FW FPT SLO-PLO Mapping”.pdf 78.3 KB 2015-Mar-13
[xlsx] R4.8 F14 Syllabus Master List.xlsx 182.0 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.9 SLO-PLO Mapping Spreadsheet, Sociology.pdf 84.3 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.10 SLO-PLO Mapping Spreadsheet, Biological Sciences.pdf 92.1 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R4.11 2014_SAO FINAL Assessment Documentation form.docx 60.6 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pptx] R4.12 Outcomes and Assessment Flex Day, Fall 2014.pptx 20.0 MB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R4.14 Mission College Service Area Outcomes 2014.docx 1.5 MB 2015-Mar-13
[pptx] R4.15 Outcomes and Assessment Flex Day, Fall 2014.pptx 20.0 MB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.16 Flex Day Flier, Spring 2015.pdf 506.5 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.17 Mission College Older Adult Program SLO Training, 1-30-15.pdf 6.2 MB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R4.18 Class Survey Form, Continuing Education Court-Mandated Courses.docx 80.7 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.19 Program Review Commitee Minutes, 5-2-14.pdf 37.9 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.20 Email, “SLO, PLO, SAO Questions for PR Form”, 5-13-14.pdf 29.0 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.21 Recommendations for Program Review, Part 3 (2014).pdf 14.7 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.22 Email, “Important - Need your Permission to use and PR example”, 5-16-14.pdf 34.1 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.23 Outcomes and Assessment FAQ.pdf 74.7 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.24 Flex Day Flier, Spring 2015.pdf 506.5 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R4.25 Student Services Division Minutes, 9-2-14.docx 38.1 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.26 Couseling Dept. Minutes, 9-23-14.pdf 152.8 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R4.27 LS DSPS Dept. Minutes, 9-19-14.docx 37.9 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R4.28 Student Services Division Minutes, 10-7-14.docx 87.2 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R4.29 Student Services Division Meeting Minutes, 12-2-14.docx 47.8 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R4.30 SLO Assessment Summary, BIOSC 004, SLO 6.docx 41.0 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.31 SLO Assessment Summary, BIOSC 004, SLO 7.pdf 282.7 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.32 Biological Sciences Dept. Meeting Minutes, 1-23-17.pdf 101.8 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R4.33 SLO Assessment Summary, CHEM 012A, SLO 1.docx 42.8 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R4.34 SLO Assessment Summary, CHEM 012A, SLO 2.docx 42.9 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.35 Chemistry Dept. Meeting Notes, 9-19-14.pdf 130.5 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R4.36 SAO 2 Assessment Summary, Counseling Dept..docx 43.6 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.37 2011-12 Program Review, English.pdf 731.9 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.38 2012-13 Program Review, English.pdf 80.6 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.39 2013-14 Program Review, English.pdf 1.4 MB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.40 2013-14 Program Review, Graphic Art Graphic Design.pdf 2.8 MB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.41 2013-14 Program Review, Political Science, p. 7-8.pdf 1.3 MB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.42 Political Science Dept. Meeting Notes, 8-22-14.pdf 54.6 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.43 2014-15 Program Review, Psychology, p. 9.pdf 182.0 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R4.44 SLO Assessment Summary FDRST 076 SLO 1 FDRST 076 Fall 2014.docx 41.3 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R4.45 OAC Workshop Schedule.docx 13.4 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R4.47 Conference on Learning Assessment Registration Confirmation, 1-9-14.pdf 607.7 KB 2015-Mar-13
[db] Thumbs.db 55.5 KB 2015-Mar-13
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