Mission College Foundation, Ssanta Clara California
Equipment and Facilities

Hospitality Management
and Culinary Arts Building

Our newly renovated Hospitality Management facility is a 3,700 square foot one story building that houses our new baking lab, a small dining area, additional storage and walk-in cooler facilities. Our restaurant style main entrance provides our students a chance to showcase their craft in a realistic setting. The redesign of the exterior elements include outdoor patio and shade structures, clerestory windows for natural lighting and a visual connection of the dining area with the expanded patio area. This building incorporates numerous sustainable features with energy efficiency exceeding 20% or greater those Title 24 energy requirements set by the State of California. All mechanical systems have been replaced with high efficiency systems, high performance lighting and controls and dual pane windows. The highest priority of the new structure is the instructional cooking areas:

Your company name or the name of a community donor pledges commitment to career jobs in the restaurant or hotel business area; a commitment to sustainable food, gardens and nutrition; a commitment to energy savings as a matter of day to day business, and a commitment to the exploration of the creative arts in culinary programs and presentation throughout the valley.