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Program Highlights
  • GE Humanities courses – face to face and online
  • Advanced Piano Masterclass, California Concerto Weekend for Amateur Pianists
  • MIDI and Music Technology I, II, Digital Music Production I, II using ProTools Recording Software
  • Annual Digital Music Summit featuring guests and performances by leaders in the Music Industry
  • Avid Learning Partner, ProTools 101, 110 and User Certification
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Mission College Performing Arts Series
  • Mission Chorus
  • Steel Drum Summer Camp

Full Time Faculty

Joseph Ordaz, MM

Music Department Chair
Beginning Piano, Intermediate Piano, Advanced Piano Masterclass, Symphony Orchestra, Music Appreciation, Fundamentals of Music Theory
email: joseph.ordaz@wvm.edu
tel: 408-855-5276

Keith Johnson, PHD
Liberal Studies Division Chair
Fundamentals of Music Theory I, Music Theory II, II, IV, Survey of Rock and Popular Music, Songwriting I, II

Phil Hawkins, MM
World Music,  MIDI and Music Technology I, II , Audio Production I, II, Songwriting I, II
email: phillip.hawkins@wvm.edu
tel: 408-855-5285

Associate Faculty

Yoka Drion – Beginning Piano
Clinton Day – Survey of Rock and Popular Music
John Ector – Mission Chorus John.Ector@missioncollege.edu

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