Where To Buy Textbooks?

The cost of your textbooks are probably the largest expense in attending a community college. The wise student will determine well in advance which textbooks are needed for his or her courses. Finding which textbooks are required can be done by checking the instructor's or department's website, or by looking at the college bookstore website. You can then compare prices from various sources and order your books accordingly.

Be sure to note and purchase the correct title, author and edition of the required textbook.

It is also important that you obtain your textbooks in a timely manner, especially in the mathematics department, as assignments from the book will probably be made the during the first class meeting. If you order books online, you can expect to wait sometimes two weeks to receive your order. Waiting two weeks is not a good idea, unless you order two weeks in advance, or pay extra for quicker shipping.

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last update: 1/30/10