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Have fun!

Extra credit can be earned by students who are getting at least 70% grade on their homework assignments and quizzes. If your grade is below 70%, your time is best spent focusing on the basic knowledge in the course to ensure that you pass the class and learn the material.

A maximum total of 50 points can be earned from extra credit work.

Watch an episode of the TV show NUMB3RS. Write a summary of the plot, the mathematics in the show, how mathematics contributed to the show and your personal reactions to the film. There are specific assignments that can be done related to each show:
Watch one of the following films. Write a summary of the film, the mathematics in the film, how mathematics contributed to the film and your personal reactions to the film.
  • The Proof: about the man who proved "Fermat's Last Theorem." You can check this out in the Math Lab.
  • Contact:about searching for life beyond Earth
  • Pi:a disturbing film about a man trying to find patterns in the stock market
  • The Proof:The Hollywood movie about a family of mathematicians.
  • Check out this website for more movie ideas.
  • This is a good site about math (some incorrect!) in movies! It gets into the details of the math.

Do some reading and write a report (with proper citation of references and bibliography) on a topic related to the world of mathematics. Some ideas are:
  • Mathematics and art: fractals, Escher, Kim, etc
  • Prime numbers
  • The number pi
  • Cryptography
  • A famous mathematician
  • The Golden Ratio
  • The Fibonnaci Sequence
  • The history and development of different number systems
  • Women and mathematics
  • Mayan mathematics
  • Incan mathematics
  • Ancient Egyptian mathematics
  • Ancient Indian mathematics
  • Ancient Babylonian mathematics
  • Ancient European mathematics
  • Mathematics in various cultures in Africa
  • Mathematics in modern mass media
  • Infinity
  • Numerology
  • Mathematics in literature
  • Mathematics in music
  • Sports statisitics......check out this site on football or this one on baseball.
  • Do research on "sabremetrics" if you like baseball numbers.
  • Enter the "Women in Contemporary Math" Contest. Check out the details here.
  • .......Any other topic approved in advance........

Mr. Hobbs' Math Corner Math 903 main page Math C main page Math 3A main page

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