About MAPS

"With the proper support services, any student who is willing to succeed can be successful in mathematics" - MAPS Mission Statement

The MAPS Program serves a diverse group of students. Students are recruited from several Mission College programs, including EOPS, Access, Avanzar, and DISC. In addition, the program actively seeks to include students from those groups who have traditionally had poor success in basic skills and college math courses.

In addition to in-class tutoring, the program offers students group tutoring outside of class. The tutors are trained to reinforce the methods and approach taught in regular class. For students interested in working with other students outside of class, study groups have also been formed. Whenever possible, a tutor also attends the study group to assist students with questions.

One of the advantages of the MAPS program is that students have about 8 hours of class per week (compared to 5 hours in other algebra classes). They sign up for Math 903M and Math 903MX in the Fall and in the Spring students sign up for Math CM and Math CMX.

MAPS Services
  • Books on loan
  • Extended instruction time
  • Personalized attention and support from teacher, tutors, and peers
  • Tutoring in and outside of class
  • Improved study skills
  • Participation in a class community