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Program Specifications

Below you can find a detailed list of the classes and requirements connected to this program.

The following classes are required for this program.

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Class Name


GDES 035 Introduction to Computer Graphic Design 3.0
GDES 064 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 3.0
GDES 070 User Experience & Multimedia Design 3.0
GDES 045 Web Design With HTML and CSS 3.0
GDES 046 Intermediate Web Page Design with Dreamweaver and CSS 3.0
GDES 047 Web Animation 3.0
GDES 049 Dreamweaver, Jquery, Wordpress and CMS 3.0
GDES 051 Mobile Application and Web Development with Web Standards 3.0
GDES 060 Page Layout & Typography 3.0
GDES 085 Professional Portfolio and Design 2.0

Plus select an additional course (or courses) to complete the required minimum total of 24 semester units

GDES 047 Web Animation 3.0
GDES 049 Jquery, Wordpress and Content Management Systems 3.0
GDES 051 Mobile Application and Web Development with Web Standards 3.0
GDES 062 Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 3.0
GDES 060 Page Layout & Typography 3.0
GDES 055A Graphic Design - Image and Promotion 3.0
ART 033A Basic Design: Two Dimensional 3.0
ART 034A Introduction to Digital Art 3.0
BUS 084 Internet Marketing 3.0
CA 86 Web Development with PHP and MySQL 3.0
CA 92A Introduction to Cloud Technologies and Social Media 3.0
CIS 043A Introduction to Java programming 3.0
GDES 074 Digital Video Production with Final Cut Pro 3.0

Web Design

This is an interdisciplinary program created to provide the necessary basic technical and creative skills for those planning to enter this rapidly growing field of visual communication.

Designer, developer & architect

This program will prepare students to enter the web design field as entry level web designers, graphic designers, content developers, and information architects.

Creative problem-solving

Some examples where students might find employment using their creative problem-solving, design, and illustration skills might include website design and development, design and illustration of electronic magazines and books, design of interactive marketing presentations, interactive learning products, scientific visualizations, etc.

Working with the latest software

The students, by the end of the program, are expected to understand and apply the basic principles of visual communication along with a working knowledge of appropriate software packages used in web design and content development, which is a specialized aspect of multimedia design.

Gainful Employment Disclosures

Student Work


  • This program consists of 24 units

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"The classes not only teach us how to use the programs, but also about the concepts that form the basis of design. We also get a good sense of what it's like to work in such a competitive field."

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